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I would be excited to hear about your partnership opportunities that we can potentially team up and create great content for my Lifestyle readers. 

We can work together in sponsored posts, sponsored social media campaigns, guest posts, sponsored resorts, destinations, activities… I am flexible and open to new ideas.


A little bit about me, I am a single mom of a five years old girl and two dogs. Grandma also lives with us (just not during winter).


Three generations living under the same roof. We love it!


We travel as a family of three (girls trip!) to family-friendly destinations a few times a year.


My goal is to create the life of my dreams and share my experiences along the way.


Empowering women is a passion of mine, and I will be helping them turn their lives around one day at a time. For this, I will provide content that is inspiring and motivating in addition to write openhearted and practical articles. 


Here are the main subjects I am covering in my blog:


  • Motherhood (and motherhood after 40)
  • Single Mom Life (including dating)
  • Fitness & Health and following a healthy lifestyle
  • Family (parenting, travelling and dogs)
  • Money (out of debt, budgeting, investing, savings)
  • Self Help (meditation, self-development books, gratitude, getting your life to the next level, the law of attraction)


The intent is to foster a positive, safe and friendly environment with real and relatable posts while brightening my readers’ days.


I would love to help promote your brand or business. Let’s chat!


For more information, please email Monica at 

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