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One-on-One Coaching For Women Who Demands More And Don't Settle

Consider This Your Wake up Call

Playing small ends here! Don't Settle for Less Than Extraordinary

You expected to hit the other side of 40 rocking life. You don’t know exactly what happened, but things didn’t go as planned, and you’re not where you wanted to be. You feel stuck and can barely recognize the woman you see in the mirror. Life sucks!

This same woman used to have big goals and dreams that somehow ended up lost along the way, while life happened. She thinks it’s too late now for that and chooses to play safe instead. 

Are you settling for a life full of what-ifs and regret? What if you’re meant to do great things and live an extraordinary life? Who decides that?

Only women like you and I know the real impact of not living up to our potential. If you just knew the best is yet to come, but you’re too busy taking care of everything else while your priorities keeping piling up in a corner, gathering dust.

The thought of all the things you have to do gets you overwhelmed, and you’re not sure how you’ll ever be able to be in charge and feel human again, if ever!

Still, deep inside you,  there is a little voice that won’t let you throw the towel.

If you’re allowing your age to you, hold you back, or anything else for that matter, then you’re buying into the stories your brain is selling you. Our brain wants to protect us from anything that requires us to stretch ourselves, grow and evolve. And to do that, it keeps telling us things that we interpreted as truth like you don’t have what it takes. You don’t have the skills. Change is too hard. You’re not good enough. You never finish what you start. Success just *happens* to other people. You listen to your head and continue living an unfulfilling life on autopilot.

All these little lies repeated over and over again end up becoming part of our identity, and without noticing, we turn into someone we don’t want to be. Our self-confidence is crushed, and we don’t trust ourselves to do anything that is hard or that we’ve never done before. We play small.

One of the most important decisions, and with the best return!, you’ll ever make, is to invest in yourself. Are you ready to hear the best news ever? No matter what situation you’re in, you have the power to change it. It all starts between your ears, with your thoughts!

What you think about a circumstance triggers your feeling, which in turn drives your actions, creating your results. Sounds simple, right? It would be if we were aware of our thoughts, understood how they’re impacting our lives, and knew how to change them. I can help you with that so you can create a life you love. I believe in you! So why wouldn’t you? Let’s work together to get the results you want. 

There is Always a Choice

When I was coming to terms that life wasn’t going to be what I wanted, I got an email about a challenge to a better life planting a little seed in my mind. Before that, I was playing safe settling for an average life, I felt hopeless. Learning that “maybe” there was hope if I was willing to get out of my own way and do the work got me thinking. Sometimes all we need is a maybe to get us started. A light bulb went off, and I realized I was responsible for the results I was getting. I was also, the one with the power to change it to create the future I want. I decided to take action and chose to work with a coach to become the best I could be and go after the life I wanted. In one year, I accomplished more than I had through most of my time. So far, my results have consistently blown me away. Life is great!

One on One Coaching

This is your midl

You’re in the right place if you’re tired of playing small and believe the best is yet to come and want to start creating the future you have dreamt of.

Are you ready to take responsibility and work on yourself to create a life you love?

My one-on-one coaching package will uplevel your life and get you the results. I will warn you. There is a risk your dreams may come true. If any of these resonates with you, I would love to work together! Here is how the package works:

Life won't be ever the same!

Imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning knowing who you are meant to be and showing up as that person. Knowing that you may not have all the answers today but you will figure them out. For once, you feel confident in yourself and your skills and capabilities. There is no dream that is too big, and anything is possible. Despite being afraid, you still take action and keep moving forward. Nothing stops you! You face your fears, overcome challenges and embrace changes. You’re 100% committed to yourself, and you honour your mind and body. Success sure looks good on you!

Love yourself unconditionally

Gain confidence & show up as the person you are meant to be

Unleash Your Potential

Show yourself what you are capable of        & uncover your superpower

Become Unstoppable

Overcome any challenge standing between you and your goals

Ready To Get Started?

If you feel stuck and have been looking for answers to why you’re not getting the results you want, now is the perfect time to find out. You’ve been trying to change, and still, you’ve not made much progress. What if I offer you a different approach where you don’t have to figure out all life’s struggles on your own and, at the same time, have a person to hold you accountable? An approach that has been proven to work time and again with people just like you, taking advantage of someone with the experience and expertise in the very thing you’re now facing. If you’re ready to give coaching with me a try and stop struggling alone, complete the application below. I’ll personally review your submission and reply within 48 hours with your next steps. If accepted, you will be on your way to creating a life you love.

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