The Less Stressed Mom

A 12-Week Private Personalized Program for High-Achieving Moms to Feel Less Overwhelmed.


Waking up feeling refreshed and looking forward to your day. No more feeling stressed by endless to-do lists or someone else’s schedule ruling your day. Even when your children push your buttons in the morning, you handle it without losing your sh*t.

The chaotic mornings? No longer a thing!

Ready to feel less overwhelmed, find work-life balance and finally reclaim some time just for you, all without sacrificing precious moments with your kids?

I'm Monica, certified life coach and proud solo mom. Self-Care Advocate, Working Full-Time While Running My Own Business, I know a thing or two about work-life balance and managing stress. I live in Canada with my daughter and 2 rescue dogs. Consider me your go-to coach and support system.

There's Just Not Enough of You to Go Around

always running out of time and energy

 Carrying a load that already feels too heavy and exhausted, you’ve no time or energy left to deal with anything else.

trouble saying no

You resent doing things you don’t want to do and putting other people’s needs first, sometimes at the cost of your well-being. 

feels like playing a game of catch-up

Rushing to keep up with your endless to-do list. You crave quality time with your kids and some well-deserved “me-time”.

I'm Monica

Certified Life Coach & Change Worker

Monica Rezende Life Coach The Less Stressed Mom

Seriously, I was pretty damn miserable!

I used to believe I was overwhelmed because my plate was overflowing. That inner monologue? It was like a broken record: “I’m in this all alone. Where’s my support system? I can’t handle it. I’ll mess it all up. It’s just too much for one person.”

Stress level? Skyrocketing! And my anxiety? Off the charts!

I was basically living on autopilot, counting the minutes until bedtime. Mornings were my personal hell – a race against the clock, always feeling like we were one step behind. I constantly felt like I was letting my daughter down, and don’t even get me started on the dinner-time circus. It seemed there was always a new crazy demand just before bedtime.

I was doing my best, but it just never felt like enough. Yes, I was overwhelmed.

Life was a bit of a rollercoaster, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Fast forward to today, and I’m living a life that’s more balanced, more manageable, and honestly, way more fun.

Sure, I’ve had my moments, but I’ve also found my power and the magic of support, asking for help, self-care, putting myself first, protecting my time and learning to say no. I discovered I don’t have to do it all by myself. 

Those hectic mornings? They’ve turned into my favourite time of the day. I now get to enjoy some alone time and quality moments with my daughter, and our dinners are uneventful.

It’s all about understanding that it’s not about doing more; it’s about doing the right things. It’s about prioritizing self-care and snagging those precious moments just for myself.

Life as a mom doesn’t have to be a never-ending hamster wheel. You can find balance, joy, and the confidence that you’ve got everything under control. So, if you’re feeling like I once did, remember things can get better, and they will.

Here at The Less Stressed Mom, you’re gonna feel right at home. I provide a welcoming and safe environment, judgment-free, where you can truly be yourself.  And you never know, it might be fun too…


Being a mom is no picnic AND we have the power to create a balanced life without overwhelm.

Can You Relate To Any Of These?

You tell yourself you should be able to do it all but most days you feel completely overwhelmed.

You start your day with a mental checklist that seems to grow longer by the minute. There’s breakfast to make, lunches to pack, and kids to get ready for school, all before you’ve even had a moment to yourself. Once you’re at work, it’s a whirlwind of emails, tight deadlines, and endless meetings. Meanwhile, back at home, the chores are piling up faster than you can keep track: dishes in the sink, laundry, groceries to buy. And don’t forget about your kids’ after-school activities and that you still have dinner to make. It feels like you’re barely staying afloat.

On paper, it looks like you've got it all figured out. But in reality, it's a completely different story.

You’ve been climbing the career ladder, achieving those professional milestones, and building a beautiful family. Sounds amazing but seriously, it’s a constant juggling act that leaves you feeling drained. Every morning, you’re faced with the choice: Do you prioritize your demanding job or spend quality time with your children? You’re torn between meetings and school drop-offs, deadlines and soccer games, presentations and bedtime stories.

You can't afford the luxury of having time for yourself. You worry that others will think you're selfish.

You’re juggling a million things at once. Between work, family, home life, and everything in between, it’s like there’s never a moment to just breathe. But guess what? You’re not alone. So many moms out there are in the same boat, constantly putting others first and feeling the weight of it all. The result? Overwhelming stress and a neglect of your own well-being.



Imagine in 12 weeks...

You've realized it's not about doing everything, but doing the right things. You feel grounded and keep overwhelm in check.

You’ve come to understand that less truly is more. Your vision for life goes beyond merely checking off tasks. You crave fulfillment and joy. You want to create a home that supports and nourishes you rather than one that enslaves you. And when overwhelm tries to sneak in, you know exactly what to do.

Even in the midst of life's chaos, you keep your priorities straight, ensuring that your well-being remains your top concern.

You understand the importance of setting clear boundaries to protect your time and energy so you can fully show up for both your family and your work commitments. By prioritizing your well-being and establishing healthy boundaries, you’ve created a balance that allows you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

You know when you make yourself a priority, it's like a ripple effect of goodness spreading out to everyone you love.

When you take those moments to recharge and prioritize your well-being, it’s not just about you. It’s about everyone in your life. Your kids see a happier, more present and patient mom and your job gets a more focused and efficient version of you. It’s like you’re setting the tone for a day, that no matter what happens, you can feel proud of yourself simply by honouring your own needs.

Monica Rezende Mindset Coach Hard Things

You May Be Wondering

Is this for me? Yes, this is for you if...

  • You’re a high-achieving mom who wants support.
  • You know life can be much better, but you’re unsure how to change that. 
  • You feel stressed out and overwhelmed most of the time. 
  • Your mornings are chaotic, and you wish you didn’t need to rush through your day. 
  • You’re ruled by your to-do list, and you would love to carve time for yourself and have more fun. 
  • You want to connect with your kids, work on your side hustle, read a book and be in bed by 9:30 pm. 
  • You want to live a balanced lifestyle where there’s space for all that’s important. 
  • You have 1 hour a week to work with a coach in a simple, easy-to-follow program catered to your needs. 
  • You are coachable and ready to commit to creating a balanced life where you enjoy your days with less overwhelm. 
  • You are no longer willing to settle and are ready to take action and own your results. 

Imagine having a successful career, being an amazing mom, and still having time for the things that truly light you up. All while putting your well-being front and center without sacrificing time with your kids.

The Less Stressed Mom is the program I wished I had.

I teach you how to feel less overwhelmed in 3 simple steps:

12-Week Private Customized Coaching Program

It includes:

  • Twelve weekly private customized one-on-one coaching calls (50 minutes each) via Zoom.
  • Voxer access for support between calls.
  • Sessions crafted just for you.
  • Safe, judgment-free space where you can be yourself without a second thought.
  • No complicated or time-consuming stuff here. We like to keep it simple.
  • A mix of mindset coaching, neuroscience, a bit of hypnosis, and a sprinkle of EFT.
  • Investment: $1200 USD.

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