Survival Guide For A Single Parent On Valentine’s Day

Single Parent On Valentine's Day Mom and Daughter and Hearts
Single Parent On Valentine's Day Mom and Daughter and Hearts

Survival Guide For Single Parent On Valentine's Day

Here is a survival guide for a single parent on Valentine’s Day. I can assure you will get through this day just fine. If you follow some of the awesome tips provided, I will even dare to say you and your family will love it!

Do you wake on February 14th, thinking “Another Valentine’s Day, and I am still SINGLE! WHAT? How is that even possible? What is wrong with me? Not even a date for tonight? This day sucks already, and I just want it to end.”

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Honestly, that is not me. And don’t let that be you!

Life can be tough on its own, so please don’t go find unnecessary drama where it is not required. I promise you can survive this day and enjoy it!

Being a single parent on Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun if you choose it to be. Make it all about your children and you.

You Will Survive Being A Single Parent on Valentine's Day

No one wants me, what am I going to do now? Stop with the victim’s self-talk just because you are a single parent on Valentine’s Day.

Empower yourself and move over to the driver’s seat. Recognize how fortunate you are for having a beautiful family. Be thankful and celebrate that!

You are single because you have raised your standards and won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Check more on how to rock the single life here as I talk about being happy on your own.

Most importantly, you are aware that at the right time, the right person will come. Until then, you are busy working on yourself while chasing your dream life. 

There is also a chance you may not be interested in adding someone else to your life right now, and that is perfectly fine too.

C'est La Vie Forget The Ex

Don’t sit around crying about your ex, imagining how happy he is while stuffing your face with chips and ice cream.

No, no, no, stop lying to yourself. You guys DON’T belong together. Stop listening to Mariah Carey! There is a reason why you went separate ways. 

Live your life! You have better things to do. Here is a great post that can help you with letting it go and moving on.

The relationship ended, and whatever he is doing, it is no longer your business.

Having a Partner Doesn't Guarantee Romance

Yes, it would be nice to have a partner to celebrate this day. But you don’t have one! Why focus on that?

By the way, I remember one Valentine’s Day, when I was waiting for my boyfriend all dressed up, hair done, and full make-up on so he could treat me to a popular fast-food chain restaurant!!!!!!!

Nothing against fast-food restaurants, but come on! Is romance dead nowadays? Needless to say, the night ended right there. Nor I nor the meal were happy! 

Woman And Daughter Smiling Selfie

You Have Everything Needed To Survive This Day

You have kids, perhaps dogs? That is everything you need as a single parent on Valentine’s day. They have their unique ways to make everything extra special.

For sure, you will end up with a smile on your face and your heart overflowing with love.

Single Parent on Valentine's Day Card From 5 Years Old

Every year my daughter makes me Valentine’s card full of hearts, rainbows, and I love yous. It is the sweetest thing I could ever get.

Single Parent On Valentine's Day Written Paper Hearts On The Door

Create A New Family Tradition

Starting on February 1st, I add one heart a day to Julia’s bedroom door with one of her qualities written in it. She absolutely loves this idea and looks forward to checking her door every morning. It’s a fantastic way to build or reinforce self-confidence. Mommy, there is one more heart on my door!!!

We go over it together, and then I explain why I think she is brave, smart, strong, and funny. I always end with why I love her so much and how special she is to me.

It is an exercise of pure love, and it feels great! What being a Valentine means to you, if not that?

No one will show you love like your children or your dogs. They genuinely know how to reach our hearts.

Mom And Daughter Eating Popcorn

What To Do As A Single Parent On Valentine's Day?

So what exactly should you do as a single parent on Valentine’s Day?

The answer is simple, whatever you want but here are some fun ideas:

  • Special breakfast – Julia likes Mickey waffle with maple syrup, and lucky her, it’s pretty simple to make.
  • Surprise your kids – I leave love sticky notes everywhere for my daughter… in her lunchbox, backpack, in the car, on the TV, the bathroom mirror. The more, the merrier!
  • Take the little ones to an indoor playground – this option is always a winner here!
  • Candlelight dining – I will try hard to make us a lovely meal so that we can have a candlelight dinner. Isn’t this a great one?
  • Buy a little gift. This year I am thinking of giving Julia a flower. It’s different than the usual, and I like that she would have to care for it. I will also buy some heart-shaped cookies for the dogs, and another flower for myself with a nice little card, “Happy Valentine’s Day Monica, go after your dreams! Let’s see where we are a year from now! Love, Monica.”
  • Go to the movies, bowling, or ice-skating. Any of these will be a hit with the kids!
  • You might want to go adulting mode and go out with a friend. Perhaps have some drinks or visit a club and dance the night away. There are tons of events for a single parent on Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind you will need a sitter, and it will be costly. Cha-ching!
  • Dance party. We will definitely have one! Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast theme songs are our favourites. They will be playing over and over and over again, and I shall be the prince. 
  • Make it a movie night. Our night might end up cuddling in bed with the dogs watching a movie.

Seriously, can you find any better way for a single parent on Valentine’s Day to feel the love? These are my top choices, and they surely will make my heart sing!

Whatever you decide to do, have a great time and enjoy your little ones. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

I’d love to hear your plans for Valentine’s Day. Let me know in the comments!



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