How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done!

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How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done!

Learn how to stop procrastinating as it might be costing you reaching the next level, a salary increase, a promotion, a successful business, money in the bank, living your dream life!!! 

Constantly putting things off, rescheduling meetings, always late, and often missing deadlines?

Does any of it sound familiar? Pssst, you might be a procrastinator!

Don’t worry, we all procrastinate to some degree. The problem lies at what level you are letting procrastination affect your performance in life.

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Know What Procrastination Is Costing You

A habit hard to break that you might not even realize the high price tag attached to it.

Missed opportunities, doors closed, people not willing to put up with your excuses. That is what procrastination is costing you! It is a BIG DEAL, and you should care!

The world is a very competitive place right now, and if you can’t get yourself to show up, step up to the plate, and get things done on time, then you are out of the game.

Life is not fair, and we don’t get second chances.

Stop Procrastinating and Avoid Late Payments

Making a late payment or missing payments altogether will cost you money. Be sure you know the rates and fees associated with the bills you are not paying on time.

This habit will also impact your credit report, which is the information used by lenders to grant you credit.

To ensure your bills are paid by the due date, set up an automatic payment with your financial institution. This problem will be resolved, whether you remember or not.

The Cost Of Procrastination Running Late

Stop Procrastinating And Being Late

Are you always running late? People pay attention to that more than you think.

With friends, it starts to be annoying as it shows you don’t care to leave them waiting. In a professional environment, it is plainly unacceptable.

Let’s agree it is quite disrespectful as time is the most valuable commodity we have. The message you are sending is that you don’t value other people’s time.

You will be perceived as unreliable and unprofessional. Just don’t do it. Plan in advance, be early if that is what it takes.

Not being on time might cost you some friendships and possibly your career. In addition to putting a dent in your reputation.

Overthinking Leads to Procrastination

Overthinking will keep you spinning the wheels without seeing any results. It makes you unable to approach the situation rationally so you can make decisions and move forward.

Take a mental break from the subject you are overthinking. Come back to it with an open mind when you no longer require to question every little detail and find problems that don’t exist. 

Don’t try to overcomplicate things. Make that decision already, and don’t look back!

Perfection is not attainable. If you are waiting for the right time or until everything looks utterly perfect, guess what is going to happen?

Nothing will happen! You will be stuck in that same place.

Always aim for progress and learn as you go.

Overthinking is often a product of underdoing.

These procrastinators usually have a hard time achieving their goals as they overthink every step in the way, going nowhere with nothing to show.

Cost Of Procrastination business woman overwhelmed with so much work

No More Multitasking!

Multitasking seems a pretty smart way to get things done, but it is NOT! Many go as far as to say, it can potentially cause attentional gaps.

It becomes harder to stop your mind of wandering, and irrelevant information might take the spot of the task you should be working on.

When you start too many things at once, you end up overwhelmed. You catch yourself jumping back and forth between projects and not seeing anything getting finished.

Multitasking does not save time, and it is not as effective as if you focus on the task at hand and stop when it’s done.

Ideally, you should break your goal into smaller tasks and tackle one at a time.

It can be stressful to have nothing to account for when you have put a lot of time into it. Multitasking is just not an efficient way to work.

There is also a higher risk of missing out on important details and more prone to mistakes as you keep interrupting your train of thought to tackle something else.

Multitasking is a form of procrastination and significantly delays your projects and compromises the end-result of what you are trying to accomplish.

Not Prioritizing What Is Important

“I don’t have time!” must be the number one excuse used by most procrastinators.

We only have time for what is important to us. End of story!

You want to exercise, but you are too busy. Make it a priority and get it done first thing in the morning. If you leave it for later, sorry it is NOT going to happen!

Like most things in life, you act on what is on the top of your “To Do” list. Anything we intend to do when we have a break will remain forever on the list.

Wishing is not enough to make things happen. You must take action and put in the work to accomplish anything.

The day when you will have the time is the same day that will never come.

Want something done? Stop procrastinating and do it TODAY!

Allowing Distractions To Sneak In

Hours are wasted every day on distractions. Some of us are addicted to our smartphones and can’t wait a minute to respond to a text message, read an email, check social media.

You never miss an update on Facebook. Think about how many times you do that throughout the day.

Some spend hours binge-watching their favourite TV shows.

But you can’t find the time to do things that would actually have an impact on your life or to finish that project started months ago.

There is not a meal you make it through without checking your phone. Nothing has your full undivided attention. You are never entirely in the moment.

The distractions end up taking over the time that could be used otherwise to better your life, work on a side hustle, learn a new skill, improve yourself.

So... What Is The Real Cost Of Procrastination?

The REAL cost of procrastination is exceptionally high. You could have finished that project, started a business, applied for that job, upgraded your skills, be living the dream right now!

We are all capable of amazing things. The potential is there!

For that, you need to leave the couch, turn off the TV, and put your phone away.

Make the decision, prioritize what must be done and will actually move the needle, focus on that project until completion, show up on time, be present!

There is so much at stake. Fight for the life you deserve!

Know you are WORTH it! Make the change TODAY!

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8 thoughts on “How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done!”

  1. Great post and I am so thankful not to be a procrastinator! If I were married to one it would drive me insane. I often find that if I plan ahead then I’m ready in case something unexpected happens. Procrastinators of the world, read this post!

  2. That pretty much covers it all, thank you so much for this post Sis, it makes us rethink a few things for sure lol!!!!

  3. This is so helpful! It made me realize just how much I actually procrastinate! I am a huge multi tasker which leads me to often forgetting to do things!

    I 100% need a set schedule – with breaks too! I get so caught up sometimes and hours go by!

    I would love any scheduling resources that you could provide xx

  4. Britney // The Happiness Agreement

    I love how you added ideas for particularly major issues. Productivity is so important to achieving our goals and fulfilling our purpose in life – which ultimately leads to our overall happiness. These are some great tips to get anyone started down that path!

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