How To Find Motivation In The Morning To Have A Good Day

How To Find Motivation In The Morning To Have A Good Day Letterboard

How To Find Motivation In The Morning To Have A Good Day.

My guess is that you are not one of those unicorn people who rise and shine at 5 am singing “Shake It Off,” ready to take on the world. Am I right?

Don’t worry if you struggle to find motivation in the morning and have to drag yourself out of bed after hitting snooze when your alarm goes off. You are not alone.

What you might not know is that you are missing out on all the awesomeness those hours can offer. You could be stretching your day, adding some premium time starting your mornings before anyone else in the house jumps out of bed.

Waking up before the sun is out is not for everyone, but it can get easier with a routine in place and consistency. The moment you begin to enjoy the benefits of being an early riser using that precious time to do things FOR YOU and tackle important tasks, you will never look back.

Your Morning Dictates What Kind Of Day You’ll Have.

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day and determines if you will have a good day or not.

There are exceptions to the rule, though. If you are a night owl and don’t hit the sack until late, you can’t expect to be up early and go go go. You need to consider your biological clock to then decide the best time to put your head down and get things done.

Some people are hardwired to be more productive in the morning while others late at night. One way to warm up into the day ahead is to build momentum slowly.

Instead of starting your morning at full steam, if you are not feeling it, try to do simple tasks that don’t require much intellectual power like making your bed, doing the dishes, clearing your desk, watering the plants, paying the bills. And build up from there until you feel ready for more demanding stuff.

Find Motivation In The Morning To Have A Good Day Workout Attire

Get Prepared The Night Before.

What can be helpful is getting prepared the night before. Spend a few minutes working on a schedule for the next day.

Don’t try to build Rome in one day. Be realistic and add three small actionable tasks that have the highest priority on your list. The biggest motivation killer is not getting the work done you intended to do, so be mindful when planning that your goals for the day are attainable.

Another great tip, leave your workout and work attire handy in the bathroom. Try to avoid having to make choices in the morning. You can even decide your breakfast the night before. Get everything ready, so there is no need to think. The next day you can just get up and go.

There are a few things you can do to be better prepared and well-rested:

  • sleep between 7 and 9 hours;
  • make sure the bedroom is dark;
  • re-set the thermostat before going to bed to a cooler temperature;
  • no electronics 1 hour before bedtime;
  • choose a soothing or upbeat sound for your alarm;

Jump Out Of Bed As Soon As You Open Your Eyes.

When it’s time to wake up, don’t get into the habit of hitting snooze. It will just make it harder for you to leave your comfy bed, creating a bad pattern.

The moment you open your eyes, jump out of bed, wash your face, brush your teeth and change your clothes. That will put you in the right state of mind and signal your brain you are not fooling around. You mean business!

Decide ahead you will have a good day and start your morning with gratitude. Be thankful for what you already have and repeat out loud, positive affirmations to feel empowered. I walk around in the house, saying, “I am smart,” “I am worthy,” “I can do hard things,” “I am confident,” “I am unstoppable.”

It is also crucial to regularly remind yourself of what you want so you can stay on track focusing on the steps that will lead you to a better life.

Find Inspiration And Get Moving.

Get inspired by a vision board, listen to podcasts, read a book and journal about your hopes and dreams. Have your goals written down and on display somewhere you can look at them frequently.

Visualize yourself already living the dream. Get excited about it because your life is freaking awesome!

Choose a morning routine that works for you and stick to it. The secret here is consistency. Consider incorporating exercise into your routine as it is a great way to kickstart the day and boost your mood, besides making you look fabulous.

After the workout session, you will feel energized and motivated to tackle the most challenging tasks. There is no downside to following a fitness regime, plus your overall mental and physical health will thank you.

How To Find Motivation In The Morning To Have A Good Day

Acknowledge Your Small Winnings.

A tremendous amount of self-discipline is required to get up before sunrise and show up to your commitments. Give yourself a pat on the back while I am here, applauding you for that!

Reward yourself so you can have something to look forward to; you deserve it! Now would be the perfect time to grab a coffee and get a healthy breakfast you planned the night before on the way. Find a nice spot, and take a moment to savour your meal and appreciate the peace and quiet.

My brother’s kitchen has a breathtaking view of his ginormous dreamy backyard. When I am there, I count my blessings while sipping my coffee, contemplating the outside’s astonishing spectacle.

If you pay attention to the small wonders surrounding you, it will make you realize how fortunate you are. Get into the habit of acknowledging the good stuff as it brings positivity and more joy to your day. If you look closer, it is everywhere. I sit in front of my office window at my house, and the glimpse of nature does it for me.

When you are getting ready for work, the clothes you picked should complement your body and reflect the image you want to project. The way you dress can make you feel empowered, giving a massive boost to your confidence.

You Are On Fire! Your Day Can Only Get Better From Here.

As you got your day off to a great start, you should be super motivated by now and eager for more. Seriously, you are rocking this morning thing!

Don’t forget to look at your calendar and tackle the scheduled tasks for the day, checking them off when done. You are not only ready for that but also for anything else that may be thrown your way. You are performing at your best!

Have a good day!

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