Don’t Panic! Be Prepared As Life Goes On

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Don't Panic!

Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and know you got this and will get through it just fine.

When living through difficult times, the best you can do is remain calm and take one day at a time.

Stop overthinking and guessing what is going to happen, creating hypotheses. Don’t obsess over what it will be.

Address what is under your control. Live in the present moment, and have faith that everything will be alright.

Situations like viruses outbreaks, hurricanes, earthquakes are completely out of your hands. You can’t stop them from occurring.

But what you can do is to be  smart about it and be prepared!

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Be Informed!

Look for credible news sources to get information and make sure you understand precisely what you must do to keep you and your family safe.

Don’t listen to other’s opinions! If schools are closing, people are being asked to work from home, and major sports leagues are cancelling games, you can bet this is SERIOUS business. Don’t try to downplay it.

No need to go bat crazy and lose your mind. Check what you should do in order to be prepared to face the crisis and follow the recommendations.

Again, stay calm and don’t freak out!

Be Prepared!

Go through a checklist of things you need to buy like medication, cleaning products, water, food, essential hygiene items. Don’t forget your pets! They need to eat too.

When you go grocery shopping, don’t panic if the shelves are empty.

Look for what you need in convenience stores, pharmacies or on your local neighbourhood market.

Try to order your groceries online. On top of being safer, it’s convenient and saves you time.

Be prepared does not mean clearing the whole stock of toilet paper! Please be considerate of others. 

Follow the guidelines given by the local government and health authorities. They are specialists in the subject and know their stuff.


Don't Panic Stay Home Little Girl On The Couch With A Dog

Stay Home!

If experts are saying “social distancing” is crucial, then you should be avoiding crowded places, airplanes, movie theatres, travelling, large events, public transportation, cruise ships. In simple terms, STAY HOME!

Don’t do anything that you can regret later. If you decide to go against the flow and beat the odds, you might find yourself on your own.

Some people genuinely believe nothing will ever affect their lives like they have a shield protecting them.

Make no mistakes. You are not being a hero putting your family safety and wellbeing at risk. Be extra vigilant. Life is not a game for you to gamble.

Count Your Losses And Move On

Some consequences last forever, so think hard while you want to be adventurous and follow your own advice.

Use your best judgement when making decisions, especially for others relying on you.

Whatever the circumstance is, it might cost you money, and a lot of it! I know it’s tough as we work so hard. Still, count your losses and move on!

Remember, this situation is out of your control. It is your job to do your best to maintain everyone around you safe.

To put things into perspective, you cannot place a price on your loved ones and yourself. Don’t put lives at risk for money!!!! It is NEVER worth it.

Don't Panic! Now What?

What you CAN do is come up with a plan so you can make the best of it.

If you are staying home with your kids, be creative and find activities you can do with them.

Some educational books are great to retain the school material fresh in their head. Read stories, watch movies, play with learning games, do crafts, colouring, hide stuff for them to find.

You can also get them to help you out around the house. Good luck with this one! lol

To get my daughter moving, I will be doing workouts with her. Beachbody has some programs for kids, and they are AWESOME!

The one with Shaunt T. is a lot of fun! Children get bored easily and need to burn energy.

Keep A Routine

Try to maintain your usual routine as much as possible. It will convey a sense of normalcy that we crave in time like this, where we feel our lives are spiralling out of control. Don’t panic!

Kids also respond better to routine. Plan their days, so they know what to expect. Have lunch and snacks around the same time and share the weekly schedule with them.

Exercise assists in reducing anxiety and stress. It also gives a boost of energy that will be required to keep up with the children. I am already tired just thinking about it! lol

If you are working from home, take advantage of the additional time you are not spending on traffic and do something for yourself. Here is an excellent post with super simple self-care ideas that will make you feel fantastic.

Clean! Wash Your Hands! Don't Touch Your Face! Repeat!

Maintain your house and personal items clean, paying extra attention to your cell phone, keyboards, watches, countertops, tables, doorknobs, appliances and cupboards door handles, light switches, keys, the remote control, toilets and faucets.

Drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, sleep well and get the humidifier going if the air is too dry.

Be on top of your hygiene. Don’t touch your face and wash your hands! Even more than usual!

And keep an eye on the kids, constantly reminding them to do the same.

Even though no one likes to be confined at home, in some cases might be a necessary measure to avoid the worst.

If that is the way to stop spreading a virus that could be deadly to some, then I am all for it and will gladly comply.

Life Goes On And This Too Shall Pass

This situation is temporary. Be patient. We are all in this together and will get through it.

Life must go on, and we can just do our best in these circumstances. Don’t panic! We got this!

Be alert. Be vigilant. Be smart. Be informed. Be prepared.

Follow the rules and stay safe. We are all counting on you!

Nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass.

Don’t panic!

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