Do You Suffer From Superwoman Syndrome? (And What You Can Do About It)

Superwoman Syndrome Hardworking young mother looking tired

Superwoman Syndrome... Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you suffer from Superwoman syndrome? You feel you have to juggle it all, be a perfect mother, a loving partner, have a promising career, look after the house, cook, be in great shape. You got a problem!

Sure we see it everywhere we can do it all. Society expects us to be Superwoman. The reality is we end up neglecting ourselves, trying to achieve the picture-perfect life.

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Can't Keep Up

Superwoman syndrome is real! Instead of being happy, we find ourselves overwhelmed and stressed out, feeling like a failure.

It seems we are always falling behind and never able to catch up with all that must get done. And with this catching up cycle comes a colossal amount of anxiety.

Mothers, especially, have a higher chance of being afflicted by this syndrome by always putting their children first.

How can we be a good mother if we are not in a good place? The answer is simple. We can’t! Kids benefit from a well-balanced mom.

Don't Beat Yourself Up

When we are feeling well, we’re better at everything. More empathetic towards others, understanding, and patient. Small things won’t bother us as much.

Stop beating yourself up! We don’t have to excel on everything. Perfection is beautiful on TV, but it doesn’t really work in real life.

This article explains well why you should strive for progress, not perfection.


Make Yourself A Priority

Get over the Superwoman syndrome, starting making YOU a priority because you should be! You want to be around for a long time enjoying life, so you must begin to take care of yourself.

Here are many ways you can put yourself first and stop pouring from an empty cup.

With kids, work and everything else, life can get hectic very quickly. Be aware of your time and take frequent breaks. Go for a walk, breathe, stretch your body. You will get more done in less time.

Review Your Routine

Look at your daily routine. Does it look like you’re living on autopilot? Stop doing that TODAY! It’s challenging to find joy when you are just dragging yourself through the day, waiting for bedtime from the moment you wake up.

Change how you approach your day. Make a schedule and tackle the most critical tasks first. Get rid of distractions and learn to delegate.

If you have been procrastinating in getting stuff done, this post is for you!

You don’t have to be Superwoman! Don’t let this syndrome fools you in believing that.

It is okay not to do it all. Get help if you can. Anything else should get pushed away or eliminated if not necessary.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

Focus on your wellbeing. These are a few things you can do:

  1. Don’t take too much on. Learn to say NO;
  2. Sleep well. Your body and brain need it;
  3. Eat healthy food;
  4. Don’t stress about what you can’t control;
  5. Concentrate on solutions, not problems;
  6. Exercise daily. You will have more energy;
  7. Read a book. Reading is excellent for the mind and the soul;
  8. Meditate. It will calm your mind and reduce anxiety and stress;
  9. Spend time with your kids;
  10. Have dinner with the family together and impose a no-phone rule at the table;
  11. Ask for help;

Check for some great self-care ideas you can implement into your routine.

Ditch The Mom Guilt

Enjoy your life without feeling overwhelmed. Spend quality time with your family, get involved in your children’s activities, listen to them, ask how their day was, be present. These moments of spontaneity will bring back joy to your days.

Forget about the mom guilt. It doesn’t serve you! If you are doing your best, that is all you can do. And believe me, you are enough!

In your kids’ eyes, you are the best mom in the whole world. Give yourself a slack. Again perfection just on TV, and sometimes you can find it in Pinterest too.

Pay Attention To Your Mental Health

Mental health should be monitored closely. Stress, depression, anxiety can become a more significant issue if you’re not on top of it.

Pay attention to any signs of concern and seek for help if you feel you need it. There is no shame in it. Life is tough, and let’s leave Superwoman for the movies only.

You don’t have to figure out all on your own. There are tons of support groups and information online; you can check it out.

Address the problem. Don’t try to sweep it under the rug as the problem won’t go away if not dealt with.

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Find What Works For You

Therapy and medication have been a lifesaver for a lot of people. Consult a doctor or specialist to get expert advice as this is not a one solution fits all. Find what works best for you and follow that.

Personally, I really enjoy reading. It’s essential to develop the mind, increase focus, helping with concentration and memory. If you have issues in getting things done, reading would be extremely beneficial. A good self-development book can be life-changing. It has been for me!

Some books I have recently read that are excellent:

  • Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins;
  • No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy;
  • You are Badass by Jen Sincero;
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod;

Treat yourself to a manicure, learn something new, go to the gym, take a nice bath, have a glass of wine, put some makeup on, do your hair, go for a massage, watch a movie, read a great book, listen to music, go on a date. You will feel like a million bucks!!!

Practice self-love. Devote time to feed your soul with positivity and surround yourself with like-minded people that are going through the same journey as you. Avoid negativity and move away from anything that steals your happiness.

Superwoman wearing mask and cape

Shhh... Superwoman!

With all your flaws, you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Celebrate and embrace your imperfections. That is what makes you so unique. The world would be a boring place otherwise.

Shhh, I might have lied a little. It does seem we are a bit of a Superwoman after all.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Suffer From Superwoman Syndrome? (And What You Can Do About It)”

  1. These are great reminders. I think most moms have a bit of this syndrome! Thanks for the ideas, I loved the book you are a badass!

  2. I soooo needed this post! I’m not a mother, but I am a wife, pet mama, work a full time job and run 2 small businesses oh and a blog! I have learned that I need to stop thinking I’m superwoman and take time for myself, which is easier said than done, but I’m working on it šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. When I saw the title I knew that I had to read. Unfortunately, I suffer from this and these are all great reminders that I needed to see today. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Val, I’m glad this post resonated with you. Please make yourself a priority, and everything else will fall into place. Hang in there as we are all on this journey together!

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