Are You Caught In The Deceitful Potential Trap?

Potential trap

Is That You? Caught In The Treacherous Web Of Potential Trap?

Hey there! Do you find yourself caught in the treacherous web of the potential trap? Oh, dear, I’ve been there, done that, and can prove it!

Oh my, I got a knack for seeing the potential in everything. In this case, I saw rainbows whereas others saw hurricanes.

I wanted my ex to be the “one” even when the red flags were waving like the start of a marathon, begging me to run faster than Usain Bolt, but nope, I was determined to stick around.

I stayed eight years in a relationship that had no future holding tight to hope and imagination to see beyond what it was because, in my mind, it had *potential*!

Unsure If You Are Caught In The Potential Trap?

You see, potential can be a tricky little devil. It has this sneaky way of wrapping itself around our hopes and dreams, whispering sweet promises of what could be. It’s like a tantalizing mirage, luring us into a world of “what ifs” and “maybes,” while reality silently waves from the sidelines, saying, “Hey, don’t forget about me!”

Seriously, my brain deserved an award for its creativity. Some rare acts of kindness became monumental, larger-than-life gestures, while all the other stuff (THE IMPORTANT STUFF!), well, I chose to let it slide.

The potential I saw in us made me turn a blind eye to the ugly truths. I was convinced! For sure, it was going to get better.

It was like playing a never-ending game of “How much can I convince myself about this made-up truth?”

Spoiler alert: The person in front of us can only be as good or as bad (in this case) as we allow them to be.

I wanted him to be a good guy, so he was. For me. In my imagination only.

It’s a wild dance of perception, and since that’s done at the subconscious level, we are not entirely aware it’s our doing. We believe it’s the truth.

The Antidote To The Potential Induced Confusion Trap

To not fall for the potential trap mind game, always remember, the signs are there for a reason.

But fear not. I have the antidote to potential-induced confusion. It’s called a healthy dose of skepticism wrapped in a snazzy package of self-awareness with a big red bow made of WTF moments.

When those rose-coloured glasses start fogging up with potential visions, take a step back, put on your detective hat, and ask yourself, “Is this potential based on tangible evidence or wishful thinking?”

Remember, potential is just a glimmer of what could be, but it takes real action and a solid foundation to turn it into reality. So, don’t get too caught up in the potential trap. Keep your eyes wide open, stand your ground, and let your intuition be your guide.

Most importantly, stay alert, stay clever, and stay on your toes! Don’t get lost in the stories you have created in your brain, and remember who the f@ck you are because reality will knock you down if you don’t face what is happening in front of you.

Don’t Ignore The Hurricanes!

The universe has a way of redirecting us toward what we truly deserve IF WE KEEP OUR EYES OPEN. Don’t ignore the hurricanes. This one shook me to the core like nothing else and could have cost my life.

Never forget to trust your instincts that have been trying to tell you something along the way, but you didn’t want to listen.

Now, I enjoy the freedom of breaking free from those potential traps. I see people for who they show me they are and not for who I would like them to be. We get confused because that’s not potential. That is a lie.

And if you ever need a reality check or a pep talk, you know where to find me. Together, we’ll navigate the treacherous waters of potential and come out on the other side with our marbles intact!


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