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Hey, there! I'm Monica Rezende.

I’m Monica Rezende and I’m suuuper excited to have you here. Pull up a chair, browse around and get comfy.

I’m a Brazilian living in Canada, seriously I love this country!, and a mompreneur working full-time chasing the dream while carving in my place in the world.

Addicted to coffee, I love everything Disney and I’m a crazy dog lady. Rescue is the best breed!

Life Can Be Messy...

But they look like angels when sleeping. This is my beautiful daughter Julia and my two rescue dogs, Molly and Chase. We have tons of fun together.

Our home is full of love, cuteness, and things lying around. Oh boy, I can’t tell you the current state of my living room.

Most days, I work way more than I would like to. This is a temporary situation, as I know the hours I’m putting in today are necessary to create a future where I can live life on my own terms.

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My Story

Not long ago, I was settling for a mediocre life letting my insecurities dictate how far I could go.

Frequently I would catch myself thinking, “You have a great job. What else could you possibly want? You don’t know how to do anything else, and it’s too late now, anyway. It’s not like you are in your thirties.”

Something inside me kept wondering what if there was more to life. I started reading self-improvement books and realized that some individuals are making a big difference in the world helping others and completely changing their lives for the better.

That is when I recognized positively impacting other people is what I want to do while going through my own transformation.

Let's Do This Together!

I eat sleep and breathe anything and everything related to personal development and self-education. I’m on a mission to better myself and go after my goals.

I’m obsessed with helping women, who are doing all on their own, to understand that life doesn’t have to be a chore.

Everything you desire is available to you. I want to show you it is possible to live your best life and that you are not alone.

Here you will find that extra boost of confidence. I write insightful content to support you on your journey to overcome challenges while aiming for the stars. I am in your corner!

I believe in women building each other up and making extraordinary things happen.

Strong, independent, bad@ss, goal digger goddess? Let’s that be you!

Stick around so I can support and motivate you to go after your dreams. I got your back!

We are in this together 🙂

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