11 Simple Ways To Save Money

Simple Ways To Save Money Piggy Bank With Coins

Simple Ways To Save Money

Increasing your income might not be an option right now, and you must keep up with your bills that are quickly piling up. I know it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry! I can help with these 11 simple ways to save money starting TODAY!

You must be asking yourself if this applies to you. Well, if you:

  • Live paycheck to paycheck; this is for you.
  • Have a hard time to get by, and money doesn’t seem to last long enough, this is definitely for you. 
  • Are looking for ways to stretch your money further, yes, this is for you too.
  • Are doing ok and just wondering other ways to save a few bucks, this will also assist you in accomplishing that. You have nothing to lose, and you can never have too much information about money-saving tips.

Any reader will benefit from this information. But keep in mind some suggestions might not apply to you specifically, although I can guarantee you will find at least one way to save money.

Please go through the whole list and make sure you don’t miss any steps.

The good news is I have implemented these simple tips with great success. And if you follow them, you are risking ending up with more cash in your pocket. Isn’t this a risk worth taking?

Every single month I see the difference in my bank account as I am spending less than a year ago. There is no reason why you can’t do the same.

Without any further delay, let’s get this party started and go through these 11 easy steps, so you can start saving TODAY too.

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Simple Ways to Save Money Cup of Coffee on Saucer
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1. Make Your Coffee At Home

I know this is a sensitive subject, and I would never suggest for you to abandon your daily dose of caffeine. I love my coffee; it’s sacred!

Cut your regular trips to the nearest coffee shop and make your beloved coffee at home (same is valid for tea drinkers).

If you don’t have a coffee maker yet, invest in one. It’s money well spent. On average, I have been saving around $100 a month with this simple habit change.

2. Ditch The Cable

A few months ago, when I looked at my cable bill, I was horrified! A quick call to the cable company and I was able to drop $29 on my bill cutting back on premium channels I didn’t even watch. Actually, I didn’t even know I had these channels.

I still kept my cable service as my mom likes to watch the news, but I bundled it with the internet to get a discount.

  • Netflix is an excellent option as there is something for everybody. The Basic Plan lets you stream TV shows and movies on one device for $9.99. The Standard Plan you can stream on two devices at the same time and in high definition (HD) when available for $13.99 while the Premium Plan lets you stream on four devices simultaneously in high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) when available for $16.99;
  • Disney+ is now available, and if you are a Disney fan like me, you must be excited about this option. For $8.99, you can stream on four devices at once and in 4K Ultra HD in Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Dolby Atmos immersive audio when available. It includes all Disney’s family-friendly content, Marvel, Lucasfilm (Star Wars franchise), Pixar and National Geographic. Besides, all the seasons of The Simpsons. Worth every penny, in my opinion;

The prices provided are in Canadian dollar for monthly subscriptions and current at the time of this post but subject to change at any time.

As you can see, you have great options to ditch your cable and still watch a variety of TV shows and or movies.

3. Who Still Needs A Landline?

If you still have a landline, my guess you probably don’t use it. Simple, cancel it. However, check first with your provider and make sure your bill will, in fact, drop.

In my case, I am on a promotion where having a landline makes my plan cheaper. So make sure you know the numbers before going ahead and cancelling it.

4. Save Money On Internet and Cell Phone

Few times a year, call your internet and cell phone provider and inquire about their current promotions. Also, consider downsizing your plan.

If they don’t offer you a better deal, try to negotiate a lower rate. And if you have time in your hands and want to take a step further, threaten to cancel the service. That has worked for me several times.

Next month, I am calling them again! It takes some work, but you will save money.

Simple Ways To Save Money Two Red Tomatoes Home Cooking
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5. Say Bye-Bye To Eating Out And Hello To Home Cooking

I won’t lie, this was a tough one to implement as my cooking skills suck! The kitchen and I don’t get along, but with some creativity, it became manageable.

Weekdays I don’t eat out, so the concern was more during the weekends. I started doing a lot of barbecue, salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, super easy homemade pizzas in pitta bread, and when I’m inspired, tacos. 

Please do yourself a favour and get an instant pot and air fryer, if you don’t have them already. I swear these appliances make any dummy like me look like they know what they are doing in the kitchen on top of reducing the cooking time — highly recommended!

This change alone has saved me around $150-$200 a month! Now, if you eat out every day, packing your lunches will be a game-changer. The savings will be massive, and you probably will be eating healthier too.

Save Money Kids School Lunch

6. Save Money On School Lunches and Snacks

I used to buy my daughter’s lunch from the program offered at her school. This year I am making them myself.

Julia was not eating her food and would all return home untouched. Her lunch bag now comes back almost empty. It’s a win-win situation and also cheaper.

The only ones not happy are the dogs — no more extra dinner for them.

Kid Having Fun On The Beach

7. Entertainment - You Can Have Fun On A Budget

You can still have fun on a budget. There is no reason to spend a lot on entertainment.

Take advantage of free events in your community; you can find a list of what is happening close to you on Facebook.

Getting outside to fresh air and doing some kind of physical activity can be a great way to spend quality time with your family, and the best part it’s free! Here are some ideas to consider for outdoor activities:

  • Go for a bike ride;
  • Hiking is great if you are into it. Don’t forget the bug spray!;
  • Go to a park or for a long walk with your dogs;
  • Take your kids to a splash pad or outdoor playground;
  • Spend the morning or afternoon in a public pool or on the beach;
  • Family picnic. Prepare a basket at home and bring your food and drinks. Last summer, we had a picnic in a park, and it was an awesome mom and daughter bonding time. Julia keeps asking to do it again;

Look into your local public library as there are always some kid-friendly activities.

Playdate is another way to keep the kids entertained. My daughter always has a blast! Dance party is also a lot of fun and just requires music.

These are a few tips, but you get the idea. Not having money is no excuse for not having a great time!

8. Movie Night At Home

Friday night is also known as a movie night in our house, and it’s a hit! My daughter looks forward to it as we choose a DVD we own or pick a movie on Netflix and gather in grandma’s bed to watch it. We enjoy this time together as a family, and it’s now a tradition.

But If you still want to go to the movie theatre, try matinees since prices are lower and bring your popcorn and drink. We did that when we went to watch Frozen 2. By the way, this movie is magical!

9. Save Money On Gym Membership

I used to be a member of a large health club chain. It was good until they cut back the childcare hours drastically.

Even after the cut, my daughter’s membership price remained the same, and the schedule was no longer convenient for us.

Left with no choice, we moved to a local gym where the membership cost half with extended childcare hours.

My workout consists mostly weight training. The new club is less crowded; hence, I can get in and out in less time. Considering all, we ended up with an arrangement that fits the bill.

Bigger clubs don’t necessarily mean better. Shop around as there are great deals for gym membership. And if childcare is not required, you will have even more options and cheaper too.

10. Save Money On Personal Care

Personal care is an area you can spare a good chunk of your hard-earned dollars. Please keep an open mind and be honest with yourself about what you can and cannot afford.

Some people consider eyelashes extension, eyelashes curling and tint, teeth whiting, botox and fillers a must. I won’t be covering them here as to ME they are superfluous and shouldn’t be an expense if you are in any financial distress.

Now that I got this clear, let’s cut to the chase and get right to it. The savings!

  • Waxing – you can do most of it yourself. Veet Wax Strips Easy – Gelmax works well and removes even fine and short hair;
  • Hair root colour touch up – save a trip to the salon and do it at home. It takes practice, but anyone is capable of doing it. Just follow the instructions in the package and voila! No one will know the difference to the salon. For the colour, I’m currently using the L’oreal Excellence brand. It lasts around 6 to 7 weeks for me;
  • Manicure – go for something that lasts longer and try to add an extra one or two weeks in between;
  • Pedicure – stretch out the time between them. During the winter, consider getting a pedicure once every two months. You can do a little maintenance at home and not worry about being barefoot; 
  • Eyebrow – you can keep the shape plucking the excess hair with a pair of tweezers. In doubt, apply the less is more rule;

Many resources are available to us to improve the way we look. In spite of that, don’t ever forget that ultimately, beauty comes from within. Take care first from the inside, and it will reflect on the outside.

Fresh Vegetables Section in the Grocery
Photo by stevepb

11. Reduce Your Grocery Bill

There are several ways you can reduce your grocery bill; however, the most effective one is MEAL PLANNING.

Many families plan their meals for the whole week. It eliminates waste as you just buy what you need and puts an end into the what is for dinner guessing game. Which, in turn, cuts back the temptation to eat out or order take-out.

  • Make a list before going grocery shopping and stick to it;
  • Follow the basic rule and avoid shopping when you are hungry;
  • Download a price comparison app on your phone and shop at stores that do price match. I use and love the Flipp app. Very convenient and user-friendly;
  • Use coupons if you have them;
  • Buy what is in season;
  • Shop what is on sale;

In order to not lose momentum, act NOW and get the ball rolling right away. Put to work these simple steps so you can start reaping the rewards. It all adds up in the end, and the results will speak for themselves. Your bank account will thank you!

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do TODAY!

Let me know in the comments what tips you have employed and share how much you were able to save. I hope to see some big numbers!

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16 thoughts on “11 Simple Ways To Save Money”

  1. Thanks for great list. I am currently doing some of the things on your list, but plan to do more. The biggest help so far was finding fun and free or low cost things to do in area ( especially easy if you live in or near a big city).

  2. Fantastic list! All of these ideas are an easy and surefire way to save some money. I love the lunch box you have a link for. I will be checking that out! Great blog. Thanks!

  3. Ditching cable and eating at home are my two biggest challenges. The rest I am already doing and allows me to travel. Thank you for sharing!

  4. These are all great and easy things to do. I take part in most of them. I cringe every time I slurge and get coffee from Starbucks, even if only twice a year. It’s so cheap to make at home and I like my coffee better. I have ditched cable but unfortunately with all the channels I need, I feel like it all adds up to what I was paying for cable.

  5. All of these are such great ways to save money! It’s so common sense that ditching the $5/day latte and eating out at lunch would easily save one quite a bit of money~thanks for the article!

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