100 Life Goals Ideas That Will Empower You To Do More

100 Life Goals Ideas List

100 Life Goals Ideas That Will Empower You.

How do you wake up in the morning? Dreading the day ahead that has barely started dragging your poor self out of bed. Or happy and pumped for a new day to work on your projects and get things done, tightening the gap between you and your dreams.

Here I will share a list with 100 life goals ideas I have for myself. I hope my ideas inspire you to start your own list.

Humans are goal-driven creatures. Your subconscious mind won’t stop pursuing your objectives, trying hard to get the desired results. That is why it’s crucial to set goals for yourself to succeed in anything you do.

If you don’t have a target, you won’t know where to aim.

Set SMART Goals.

When making your list, focus on setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Specific – your goal must be clear and easy to understand.

Measurable – you need to be able to measure progress. Write down the start point, and that will be your baseline for comparison. Keep checking back to ensure you are progressing and going in the right direction.

Attainable – this is not a trap, so don’t set yourself for failure. Your goal should challenge you to push yourself, but it shouldn’t be something impossible to achieve. On the other hand, be careful not to underestimate what you can do.

Relevant – your goal should align with the life you want to live and the person you want to be.

Time-bound – every goal must have a deadline attached to it to add a sense of urgency and kick you into gear. A goal with no date is just a wish.

Having goals will help you accomplish more in life and get done what moves the needle.

Many wealthy people have three goals in each area, and they focus on one goal at a time until completion.

Prioritize and rearrange your list with what is to be tackled first. Hint, it should be what will give the most results and bring you the closest to your destination.

My 100 Life Goals Ideas.

Let’s go through my 100 life goals ideas, and I won’t be offended if you want to grab some ideas for yourself. Go ahead, take the whole post if it speaks to you.

This list is to inspire you to get your goals in writing and start work on them. No matter if big or small, write them down!

Display your goals somewhere in plain sight so you can review them frequently. A vision board would be a great place!

Believe in yourself, know you can do hard things, master self-discipline, and stay committed to your future self. Empower yourself to make your dreams a reality.

Shall we start? Here we go!

Personal Development.

  1. Improve my reading speed by three times. (started at 170 words per minute)
  2. Increase brain power by memorizing information (during pregnancy, my memory drastically declined, never returning to what it used to be. It’s time to get it back!).
  3. Overcome fear of public speaking.
  4. Get over the fear and shame of speaking with an accent.
  5. Be comfortable at doing videos.
  6. Learn something new every month. 
  7. Become a certified life coach.
  8. Become a certified wellness coach.
  9. Become a business coach.
  10. Read two self-development books a month.
  11. Work with a life/business coach.
  12. Attend Tony Robbins’ seminar.
  13. Go to Brooke Castillo’s mastermind.
  14. Participate in Brendon Burchard’s event.
  15. Commit to spending 3% of my salary on self-education. (this year I’ve spent around 20%)
  16. Journal every day.
  17. Say Affirmations in the morning.
  18. Transform my life becoming a successful businesswoman. (success will be measured when business income hits 300K).


  1. Live in the present.
  2. Take a mindfulness course.
  3. Meditate at least 10 minutes.
  4. Spend 10 minutes in silence.
  5. Commit to at least one act of kindness a day. 
  6. Be grateful every day for what I already have.


  1. Learn aromatherapy.
  2. Weigh 145 lbs.
  3. Eat healthy food having one cheat meal a week.
  4. Exercise 5 times a week.
  5. Cut sugar and flour.
  6. Practice yoga.
  7. Drink 150 oz of water a day.
  8. Have dinner by 5 pm.
  9. Reduce caffeine to 2 cups of coffee a day.
  10. Sleep 7 hours a night.
  11. Go for massage and chiropractic treatment once a month.


  1. Participate in my daughter’s school activities.
  2. Eat dinner together every night.
  3. Read every day to Julia.
  4. Be a present mother by having scheduled family time with no phone and no TV.
  5. Walk the dogs daily.


  1. Become an expert in email marketing.
  2. Attend business school.
  3. Find great affiliates to work with.
  4. Produce five products to sell. 
  5. Design a challenge for a better life.
  6. Create a survey.
  7. Write two blog posts a week.
  8. Provide life coach services.
  9. Improve my presence on camera. Be a natural on camera.
  10. Start a podcast.
  11. Create an online community.
  12. Make 300K income a year.
  13. Be my own boss. Work full time on my business.
  14. Attend professional conferences annually.
  15. Be on Jenna Kutcher’s or Marie Forleo’s podcast.
  16. Stop working through the night and weekends.
  17. Have a 35 hours work week. (currently work minimum 70 hrs/week)


  1. Pay off debt. (personal loans)
  2. Have a money mindset of abundance.
  3. Be an investor. 
  4. Learn about the stock market.
  5. Learn about ETFs.
  6. Build a 5oK emergency fund.
  7. Make 500k a year as business income. (long term goal)
  8. Make 50K for next year on my business. (short term goal)
  9. Achieve financial freedom at  the age of 50.
  10. Pay for my daughter’s education.
  11. Pay off my mortgage.
  12. Create a fund to assist dogs in need of intrahepatic liver shunt surgery. (in memory of my beloved chocolate lab Brownie, who underwent this procedure 3 times).


  1. Schedule all the tasks to be done for the week on my calendar, blocking the time.
  2. Learn to be more efficient with my time.
  3. Wake up at 4:30 am. (currently I’m out of bed at 5 am)
  4. Declutter the office.
  5. Declutter the basement.
  6. Declutter the garage.
  7. Move my home gym to the basement.
  8. Organize receipts and paperwork for taxes purpose.


  1. Vacation 3 times a year.
  2. Change my dressing style. (no more yoga pants all week long!)
  3. Create a self-image I’m proud of. 
  4. Be always beside my daughter in all the important dates of her life.
  5. Wear makeup.
  6. Finish the basement.
  7. Renovate the bathrooms.
  8. Redesign my office.
  9. Buy a new car.
  10. Save one shelter dog a month from euthanasia.
  11. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Places to Visit / Things To Do.

  1. Run in the RunDisney event.
  2. Go to  a Disney cruise every other year.
  3. Have a date with myself once a month.
  4. Visit Disney World once a year.
  5. Take my daughter to Disneyland.
  6. Visit Aulani resort, Hawaii.
  7. Alaska cruise.
  8. Travel through Europe.
  9. Visit Tahiti.
  10. Take my daughter to meet my family in Brazil.
  11. Go to a Sedona Retreat with my mom.
  12. Take my mom to Rocky Mountains, in Alberta, Canada.

Talent Is Overrated.

Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Now that you have gotten the inspiration part down, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

I believe in you. You got this!

Are you ready to change your life? Let me know in the comments what is stopping you from achieving your goals.

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