100 Amazing Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery That Will Change You

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Amazing Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Journaling is a powerful way to increase awareness of oneself and transform lives. I’ve compiled a long list of journal prompts for self-discovery that will help you reflect on some thought-provoking questions that will unveil your true nature.

Your mind will be engaged in an ongoing conversation with your inner self looking for answers about who you are, what your mission is, and where you fit in.

When you have a better understanding of yourself, you can unlock your full potential to reach your goals and dreams.

Come along and embark on a lifetime journey of self-discovery, so you don’t end up living a meaningless life without ever finding your passion and purpose.

Check this article that talks about going on a self-discovery journey to find yourself and what you want out of life.

Self-awareness is essential for you to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Here are 100 journal prompts for soul searching that will force you to dig deep to get all the answers you need to know yourself and your mission.

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Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery and Find Yourself

100 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

  1. What is the highlight of your day?
  2. I am happiest when…
  3. If you could do anything, what would that be?
  4. What would you change in your life? And why?
  5. What is the most important lesson you have learned?
  6. What is your greatest achievement?
  7. What is the hardest thing you have done in life?
  8. List 3 hardships you had to overcome.
  9. What are your dreams?
  10. List 5 things you are really good at.
  11. What do you hope for the future?
  12. I can’t live without…
  13. When do you feel most at peace?
  14. What are your 5 best qualities?
  15. Describe yourself.
  16. What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to reach your goals?
  17. How do you handle failures and rejection?
  18. Describe a moment you will never forget.
  19. What is the nicest thing you have done for someone else?
  20. List 5 deal breakers.
  21. Describe 5 goals in detail. What are you doing to achieve them? When is the deadline?
  22. What is the greatest risk you have taken? Was it worth it?
  23. I am most proud of…
  24. What is the craziest thing you have done?
  25. What body part you like the most, and why?
  26. What makes you cry?
  27. What makes you smile?
  28. List 5 things that motivate you.
  29. Describe the most important moment in your life.
  30. What causes do you have close to your heart?
  31. Describe the happiest moment in your life.
  32. If you could be anyone who would you want to be? Why?
  33. What/who melts your heart? Explain why.
  34. What does love mean to you?
  35. What is the best part about being you?
  36. What would you like to say to your younger self?
  37. List 20 things you are grateful for. 
  38. What/who has positively impacted your life? Why?
  39. What experience would you choose to relive? Explain.
  40. What is your favorite place in the world? Why?
  41. What is your dream vacation? 
  42. Who is the love of your life? Tell the story behind it.
  43. What success means to you?
  44. What makes someone a winner?
  45. List 5 things that scare you. Explain.
  46. What makes you feel good?
  47. Write a list of 10 things you love.
  48. What has been a turning point in your life?
  49. List 5 things that inspires you. Explain.
  50. What has been the best gift you received?
  51. What has been the best gift you have given?
  52. What is unique about you?
  53. List 3 things most don’t know about you.
  54. What are the habits you would like to incorporate in your life?
  55. What are the habits you would like to eliminate?
  56. What is in your bucket list?
  57. Who was your first love? Tell the story.
  58. What makes you laugh?
  59. What is your daily routine?
  60. What is your weakness?
  61. What is your strength?
  62. Who are the people that have influenced you? What did they do?
  63. What are the things you value the most? Why?
  64. What is the motto you live by?
  65. How do you keep your mental health in check?
  66. What is the best advice you have received?
  67. What superpower would you like to have? Why?
  68. When was a time that you had the most fun in life? Describe.
  69. Who are your biggest supporters? What do they do?
  70. What is your self-care routine? Describe.
  71. How much alone time you have? What do you do during that time?
  72. What is holding you back from reaching your full potential? Explain.
  73. Life is…
  74. What would you like the world to know about you?
  75. What adjectives would your kids or parents or partner use to describe you? 
  76. What was the worst day of your life? Describe what happened and why it was so bad.
  77. Five years from now, I will be… explain in detail.
  78. What is the best book you have read? What did you like about it?
  79. What has changed in the last 5 years in your life? Professionally and personally.
  80. Describe how your dream life looks like.
  81. Who is your hero? And why?
  82. What would be a perfect day
  83. If you could solve one of the world’s problems, what would that be? Why?
  84. What is your favorite childhood memory? Describe the memory and how it makes you feel.
  85. If you had three wishes granted, what would they be? Why?
  86. Who is the most special person in your life? Explain the story behind it.
  87. What is your greatest regret?
  88. What makes you lose track of time?
  89. What is your greatest fear? Why?
  90. What was the nicest thing someone did to you?
  91. What are your hobbies?
  92. When was the last time someone rejected you? How did you react?
  93. If you could have anything, what would that be?
  94. When was the last time you learned a new skill? What was it?
  95. What was the most painful experience? Describe.
  96. When was the last time you faced your fears? What was the situation? What did you do? 
  97. What is your greatest disappointment? Why?
  98. List 10 traits that are attractive to you.
  99. When was the last time you fail? What did you do about it?
  100. What makes you cringe?

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