10 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You From Living The Best Life

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Your Limiting Beliefs Are Stopping You From Living The Best Life.

What stories have you been telling yourself lately?

Limiting Beliefs is the preconception you believe to be true about yourself and the world, preventing you from living life to the fullest.

It will be a wake-up call the day you understand that your thoughts are not a fact and start intentionally choosing what to think to free your mind from the self-imposed limitations.

Over time, the environment you grew up, how you were raised, and perceived the world, the people around you, plus everything you read and listen to, will have contributed to shaping your belief system.

The first step to overcome limiting beliefs is to recognize a thought is just a thought, and through self-awareness, choose to have positive thoughts that align with the woman you want to be.

Watch what comes out of your mouth. Words are powerful and affect the way you think. If you keep saying negative stuff about yourself, with repetition, it will stick with you.


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Beware Of Your Words.

Becoming aware of the stories you have believed for so many years is crucial to put an end to the tales you have made up about who you are.

These beliefs are usually unfounded. When someone says they are a failure, they typically refer to one specific event disregarding all their previous achievements.

Some people take pleasure in saying they are broke. Why? Because that is a form to push the responsibility away from themselves taking the easier route.

What would be the other option? To say to yourself and to the world, you are on your way to a wonderful life. Be excited about the journey you are in and talk about your plans with enthusiasm.

But this choice isn’t easy because it demands ACTION from your part. It requires you to break out of a victim’s position to face your current situation and do the hard work.

Accepting you are strapped, requires no action—nothing, zip, nada! In most cases, the one involved is either living beyond her means or making poor money decisions.

However, you have a choice. You can see yourself as flat broke or someone who is transitioning to financial abundance. Whatever you decide, you will be right.

Words spark thoughts that impact your belief and mindset, which consequently trigger a feeling that will cause your response generating the outcome.

Sounds simple, yet I see over and over people, mainly on social media, beating themselves up publicly. It may be a joke or a way to get attention, but it’s so damaging to their self-image and confidence.

There is power in words. What you say is what you get.

Stop Holding Yourself Back.

Stop creating mental obstacles that are holding you back, hindering your progress.

When you are resistant to taking on a new challenge or avoiding making difficult decisions, it just means your limiting beliefs are kicking in and monopolizing the conversation in your head.

Start reasoning with yourself. Ask if the thoughts behind the resistance is a fact. Look for evidence. Don’t allow yourself to get away with it.

More importantly, seek reasons to move ahead with your plans, embrace changes, and take calculated risks. Stop holding your beliefs as truth and claim your power back.


10 Limiting Beliefs List.

Here is a list of ten common limiting beliefs that are preventing you from rising and shining.

#1 I'm Not Good Enough.

Overthinking and other people’s opinions and judgments are frequently the culprits for someone to feel unworthy and not enough.

Repeat to yourself as often as necessary you are more than enough and capable of doing great things. Look back at hardships you have gone through life and moments you had been brave.

Find evidence of your accomplishments. You learned to walk, talk, graduated, got a job, bought your first car, had a family. Whatever it is, remind yourself of past achievements.

#2 I Don't Have Time.

No matter who you are, a day has 24 hours. It is up to you how you manage your time.

Nobody has time to waste. We MAKE time for what is important. See the difference?

Today is Sunday, and I woke up at 4:30 am to write this post. If it matters, we find the time. And if I can do it, I promise you can too.

Knowing how to prioritize and being organized is essential to get more out of your day—block the time in your calendar and do nothing else other than the scheduled activity.

Turn off the tv, and put the phone away. Focus only on the task at hand. You will be surprised how your day will stretch.

List Of Limiting Beliefs Money

#3 Money Is The Root Of All Evil.

Many have a hate relation with money, like it’s something bad. Money is awesome! It gives us the freedom to live life in our own terms. What some do with it might be a problem.

Money brings out the best or the worst in people, depending on who you are. The lack of it also does the same thing.

A person can be evil and do awful stuff. Money by itself, can’t do anything.

#4 Rich People Are Greedy.

Yes, rich people can be greedy, but so can poor people.

Being greedy is not directly related to your financial status. We have all been guilty of greedy in one time or another in our lives.

When you can’t wait to put your kids to bed to eat chips or that last piece of cake alone, that is greed, my friend!

#5 I Don't Have The Skills. I'm Not Smart Enough.

Often, we believe we can’t do hard things either because we don’t have the skills or because we are not smart enough.

The assumption here is that every successful person is talented, bright, and qualified for their job. WRONG!

Look at the self-made millionaires. Most came from poverty and turned their lives around overcoming adversities.

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and many others swear by self-education, the habit of reading, and believing in yourself.

Anything can be achieved if you commit to lifelong learning, letting go of the need to be perfect. You must also cultivate positive thoughts and trust the process.

Talent is overrated. Taking massive action and going after what you want is what truly counts. If there is a will, you will find the way.

As per the amazing Marie Forleo, everything is figureoutable.

#6 I Have No Luck.

Some may confuse hard work with luck. Luck won’t bring you the life you desire, nor will it solve your problems.

Success comes from working hard and not giving up on yourself or your dreams. Don’t count on freebies to reach milestones.

Be resourceful and be accountable. May the odds be ever in your favor.

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

#7 There Is Nobody Out There For Me.

Because I’ve been single for quite a while, my mind sometimes wonders if there is someone out there for me. Here is the kick, I make zero effort to meet people, some could even say I avoid it.

For me, this thought doesn’t come from feeling unworthy but more from a place of curiosity.

Still, I believe there is a person out there for each one of us, and it is just a matter of finding them.

Not today, and probably not even this year, but one day someone will rock my world.

Lots of incentives will be needed to get me back to the dating pool, though. Life is great right now.

#8 People Can't Be Trusted.

Hard to count how many women have trusting issues. And men have them too!

Judgment is based on past events, and you hold on tight to that emotional baggage.

Deliberately, I am a very trusting person and always give others the benefit of the doubt. It is a choice I made a long time ago after watching people doing crazy stuff to keep an eye on their partners.

Here is my reasoning. I choose peace of mind over creating or anticipating problems where they may never exist. I much rather be in a relationship and find out I have been cheated on and deal with that when it happens, then obsessing the whole freaking time with some hypothetical scenario.

More times than I would like to admit, I have been cheated on and let down. Yet, I won’t let those experiences dictate my future relationships.

#9 It's Too Late To Pursue My Dreams.

This one hits home. I always knew I wanted to have a kid. I gave myself a deadline that by my fortieth birthday, I had to be pregnant, independent of having a partner.

When I was 38, I began to navigate the insemination process, went through 5 unsuccessful cycles, and ended up pregnant naturally a month before turning 40 having my daughter in that same year.

At 45, I decided to make a significant shift and started a business. Do I believe I am too old to try something new? Hell no!

Don’t allow age to stop you from chasing your dreams. Some say life starts at 40, and I agree!

My mom is in her eighties and learning aromatherapy. How awesome is that? She is one cool lady!

In my books, if you are above ground, it’s not too late.

#10 You Must Work Hard To Get Results.

Once I believed we always have to work hard to get results.

At the beginning of any endeavor, I still think you need to make sacrifices and put on the extra hours, and that is inevitable.

But over time, when you are already established, you can build a team and get help to free some of your time.

There are ways to work smarter and not harder.

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs.

To achieve anything of importance, you need to change your mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs. Otherwise, you will miss out on opportunities, not taking on new challenges.

Self-awareness is the keyword here, and when you can acknowledge a problem exists, you can fix it.

Recognize the thoughts preventing you from moving forward and reaching success. Reframe them in a way that serves you a purpose.

Not in a million years could I guess I would have my own business and become a blogger. In the past, I used to tell myself I couldn’t write and was not a creative person. Isn’t it ironic?

Life has its clever ways to show us we are meant to do great things. We are capable beings that can do much more than the limitations we impose on ourselves.

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