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Lack Of Confidence & Self-worth

You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and beat yourself up listening to your inner critic. You worry about what others think of you and don’t feel worthy of love.

Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed

You live on autopilot and find no joy in your day-to-day. Life happens to you, and you can’t see how things will ever change. You feel as if you’re always one step behind.

Disempowering Mindset

You view your thoughts as truth, and your fear of rejection and failure hold you back from new challenges. You perceive life as hard and fell prey to the victim mentality.

Monica Rezende Life Coach

I was ready to throw in the towel...

Monica Rezende - Life Coach

This may sound crazy, but there was a time I felt trapped living a life I didn’t belong to. Like a movie, I was the spectator of my own story watching all the events unfold before my eyes completely detached, as if it was somebody else’s life. Do you know the saying going with the flow? Yep, that is exactly what I was doing. Life was happening to me and I had no control over it. Or so I thought!

One day I woke up tired of feeling hopeless and decided I was not going to be the victim of my own story. For goodness sake, I had already moved to a foreign country, learned a new language, and was raising a daughter on my own. What the heck was holding me back? I was done feeling sorry for myself and that was the beginning of my journey to find purpose and live intentionally. In one year, I created a blog, became an investor and started training for a new career. When you manage your mind, impossible becomes just a meaningless big word. Let me help you pivot and create the life you’re meant to live!

Unleash Your Potential

One-On-One Coaching Program

If you are ready to uplevel your life and show up as the person you are meant to be I would love to work with you. My one-on-one coaching program will help you manage your mind so you can better cope with difficulties, embrace changes, face your fears, advance in your career, build stronger relationships, gain confidence, get results and become unstoppable. WOW, I know that is quite the list! Be the person you can lean on. The best part? You will overcome your limits, closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. To learn more about my program or to apply for a spot now, click the button below. I’m here to help you!

Love Yourself

Overcome Challenges

Achieve your goals

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